Fandom Fruit

This is basically just bananas.

__READ THE GENERAL KNOWLEDGE__Almost every fandom that I have been a part of has mentioned bananas. Because of this, click here for free bananas!.

The main Fandom Fwoots that I will be analysing on this page are:

Doctor Who

This reference to this yellow fruit famed for it's high levels of potassium occurs during the reign of the 9th Doctor, played by Chris Eccleston.

"Go now, run, but don't drop the banana!"

'Why not?'

"Good source of potassium."

Doctor Who summarised is aliens, solution, epic speech. This quotation is a strong rival for all speeches made, and the truest thing ever said on this series. It may as well be over you can all go home now.

Red Dwarf

Learnng to swear, Kryten comes up with this gem, calling a banana:

"..A small, off-duty czechoslovakian traffic warden!.."

Obviously, a banana is not a traffic warden. The only way a banana helps kids cross the road is by regulating their blood pressure, therefore enabling them to walk and not be dead. Dead children cannot cross the road, no matter how hard they may try. If a child is dead due to low blood pressure, eating a banana will not reverse the effects of being dead, and if a banana ate a child it would not bring the banana back to life, either. This takes into account if either of the aforementioned parties where czechoslovakian, which they are generally not.

General Knowledge

Of course, I cannot talk about bananas without talking about bananas. But so far, I had managed to do that. Now I will break that habit and start to talk about bananas. Although it may have seemed that I was talking about bananas, it was possible that you, the reader, did not know about bananas. You have have thought that I was in fact talking about czechoslovakian traffic wardens with a high blood pressure. But, just to be clear, I was not. A banana originated from a smaller plant material, growing into a slightly larger one, then a big one, then there where bananas. If you don't want to wait the most part of a year, you can go to Waitrose, or any drug dealer near you. Find some good deals here --> 100% not clickbait

If you are not interested in purchasing a banana but only wish to admire them, I will now explain what one of these illusive beings would take the form of: long yellow squishimajig. Slippery inside, don't recommend stepping on them if you see one, as we do not disturb them whilst they are in their natural habitat. If this extravagant explanation was not enough, go * yourself, and here's a photo.